The S6 Connect Difference

S6 Connect has always been fundamentally different to many other businesses. Here’s a few reasons and examples…

  • S6 Connect is a non-profit Company with no shareholders expecting dividends;
  • Many of the services we offer are provided at cost, without excessive markups;
  • We’re more interested in what is best for you, not what’s best for our bank balance;
  • The Company was setup for Charities, non-profit organisations & Community groups;
  • A quarter of all our income is given to community groups & charitable organisations;
  • We’ll turn potential customers away, and point them elsewhere if that’s best for them;
  • Approximately a third of all websites hosted on our platform were setup at no cost;
  • We don’t spend your hard-earned money on fancy offices and flashy advertising;
  • Several services are provided by third-parties, supported by us to keep costs down;
  • We believe time “at the duck pond” can be worth more than time “in the board room”;
  • We don’t have sales targets: success should be defined by satisfaction, not by statistics.
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