Conference Call Services

With many of our partners and clients operating within a ‘virtual office’ environment, the introducation of Conference Call facilities has enabled them to hold some meetings over the phone rather than in person, with substantial savings in the travel and venue hire budgets.

We’re working with a leading Confernece Calling Company to provide a top-quality high-spec service at reasonable prices.

If you are only looking at 3 people in a call then it may be cheaper to use your telephone provider’s 3-way calling service if they offer this – check with them for more details of availability and cost.  If you phone line is through our partners programme then this service is available to you.  It is also available with BT and other providers.  If you have a VOIP telephony service from ourselves this will also allow 3-way calling.

Another option is to use Skype – an internet telephony service that you use via your computer.  Calls between Skype users are free, but call quality can vary – especially if you have a slow computer or poor internet speed.  Of course, we can help resolve both these problems!  Skype Conference Calls can include s many people as you need.

Some mobile phone operators also offer 3-way and conference call facilities.  Again, check with your provider for details of availability and cost, as this can vary greatly.  If we have arranged an Orange Business Account for you, then conference calls between users will be free of charge.

The drawback to all the above options, though, is that they rely on a single person initiating all the calls.  For a 3-way call that’s not too bad, but if you’re calling five people one after the other, then adding them into the conference it is a time-consuming process.

Our professional Conference Call service works slightly differently.  The conference participants all call our conference service number, enter a code, and join your private virtual conference room.  There are also various advanced features that give the conference ‘host’ additional control, and we can arrange a screen-sharing programme to operate alongside the conference call so that you can all see a presentation simultaneously over the internet, or write notes on a virtual online whiteboard.

You may already have seen many other conference call services offered, with no setup required, and participants dialling an 0844 or 0870 phone number.  Some of these services are very good, but we have stayed away from them because of the call costs.  Each conference participant will be paying 5p or even 10p a minute to join the conference call – which may be an unexpected surprise when they receive their phone bill and is not appropriate for many of our partners and clients.

Our Conference Call services are via an 0800 or 020 number, so no nasty surprises on the phone bill.  You will then receive an invoice each month for the service, with prices starting at 6p/minute per participant.  There is no additional charge for using the online confernece manager system, which also allows you to make calls out to participants instead if you wish, and can be used to record and replay conferences (though recordings are chargeable).

If you would like to know more about this, or to discuss the options in more detail, please contact us.


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