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Introducing... Digital Condom!

It’s a bit quirky and may not feel comfortable to everyone (no pun intended) but a lot of the services we have been offering are essentially a Digital Condom.

We don’t want to overstretch the analogy too much, but we all know computers are at risk of being impregnated unexpectedly, of catching viruses or malware that may reproduce and be spread to others…

There are several forms of protection available – anti-virus software, malware protection, data backup, firewalls, and more – and many people still rely on a ‘common sense’ (withdrawal) method of protection and hope for the best.

An announcement for “free condoms” at 4N’s Lakeside Lunch caught everyone’s attention, and we’ve decided to roll with it: repackaging the services we’ve been offering for the past few years, simplifying pricing, and creating additional support resources to help keep you safe with minimal intervention needed.


Special Offer for 4N members*

Following the recent news about ransomware affecting many computers, including the NHS, we are providing CryptoPrevent – a CryptoLocker (ransomware) protection application free of charge to members for a limited time.

You can read more about this here, and 4N members can use the promotion code 4N10 to offset the £10 charge for the basic version*.

* subject to verification of membership status

Our CryptoLocker Protection app (CryptoPrevent) does exactly that – protect from ‘CryptoLocker’ or ‘ransomware’ variants of malware.

CryptoPrevent is a robust anti-virus/anti-malware software supplement, filling a huge gap that exists with traditional security solutions to provide protection against a growing multitude of new and emerging ransomware and other malicious software threats. The app runs silently in the background, restricting unauthorised access to certain system files and folders-  the ones that are usually compromised by these attacks – and is designed to co-exist alongside other solutions, whilst creating no detectable impact in normal system performance, and requiring no maintenance, specialist knowledge, or complex installation. 

CryptoPrevent is built by our friends at d7Tech (previously named Foolish IT) but we have had a licence to distribute this in the UK since the initial release in 2013. We’ve used the app on all our own computers, and installed it on every client machine. You may already have heard about the application, without knowing we distribute it, as many articles and other resources have talked about and recommended it.

With the latest update to the application and enhanced functionality, we are now making it publicly available for anyone to use.

There are two versions available. The basic version is what we have installed for most Clients, and contains all the original functionality of the app. We also have a premium ‘managed’ version which has the latest upgrades enabled out of the box and also sends us an email alert if anything unusual is detected.

managedSupport screenshot

S6 Connect’s managedSupport app is a unique computer repair and maintenance application that can be installed on any PC or Laptop running Windows and gives quick access to our Support Specialists and several shortcuts to help you keep your computers in top condition without needing to call us out.

Our managedSupport Application requires an active subscription but is installed and activated free as part of all other services.

The app contains no spyware, adware or other nasties. It’s there to help you, not to check up on you and report back, but it will alert us to any major issues depending on the settings used on your profile. 

AVG CloudCareS6 Connect has been a Reseller of AVG (now part of Avast)  Anti-Virus and Online Security tools for several years, and recently added their latest product suite “CloudCare” to our range of services.

Many people will know AVG and Avast for their free anti-virus service, but not many people realise that it is only intended for personal home-based use, or that there are more advanced solutions available. We are able to offer those advanced services at our typically low prices – and of course extend a further discount to charities, non-profits, educational establishments and students.

Avast CloudCare is business-grade internet security with no upfront costs, that is installed from a single simple installer file, automatic updates, and an option for remote monitoring and control. It can be used by businesses, charities and at home, with prices from just £1 a month.

Adding Content Filtering to the service enables you to restrict the websites that can be accessed – intended for businesses to manage what their employees do on work computers, but just as valuable for controlling what children can access at home as well.

As a Managed Service, S6 Connect is notified if updates fail or if anything else out of the ordinary is detected. We can optionally connect remotely to any computer with CloudCare installed to fix any problems and can push updates or change settings without direct access.

We can provide a FREE 30-day trial of Avast CloudCare, with or without Content Filtering, after which services are provided on a rolling monthly or annual agreement.

SAVE, STORE and SHARE your files with ease thanks to S6 Connect and LiveDrive.

Through our partnership with an award-winning market leader we can provide secure online backup and file storage solutions to meet all needs, whether you want to the peace of mind that all your family photos are safe if your computer is stolen, the reassurance that your college or university work is instantly recoverable if your hard-drive develops a fault, or to know that the business presentation you spent hours on can be accessed anytime from any internet-enabled device, we have you covered.

Want to share some of your files with friends or colleagues, but unsure of the best service to use? Would the simplicity of being able to right click on the file in your backup vault and share it immediately with whoever you choose help?  

All this and more is now available with S6 Connect’s Save Store Share service.

more details coming soon
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