If you’re a homeowner, we can help you claim:

Free LED light bulbs typically worth £300-£500
They are bright, fully dimmable, light-up instantly, and use around 15 times less electricity than traditional light bulbs.

Free expert installation
By a team of professional fully trained fitters; they’ll visit your home and install your new LED light bulbs at a convenient time for you — completely free of charge.

Free lifetime guarantee
If a light bulb ever needs replacing, you’ll be sent a new one in the post — so you’ll never have to buy another light bulb again!

Lower electricity bills – forever!
In addition to helping to save the planet, your new LED bulbs will reduce your electricity bills by around 11% — FOREVER

Who’s behind this initiative?
It’s being provided by Utility Warehouse, the Nation’s most trusted utility supplier. In addition to gas and electricity, they provide landline, broadband and mobile — giving you the convenience of all your utilities on one monthly bill. You probably haven’t heard of them before because they don’t advertise, but they’ve received numerous awards from Which? Magazine and Moneywise, and have around 600,000 satisfied customers.

Ready to claim your FREE LED light bulbs?
There’s more information about the offer here, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We’ll be delighted to explain how it works.

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