The JigsawMail brand, previously used by a former partner, is now available here!

We are able to offer a wide range of email services, many of which are often included in other packages.  For those wanting an email service on its own though we can provide any or all of the following:

  • regular POP3/IMPA4 email accounts (for use with Outlook or other programme)
  • webmail services (similar to those provided by hotmail or gmail)
  • autoresponders (useful for marketing campaigns)
  • mail aliases and mail forwarding (great for privacy or to look more professional)
  • managed email announcement mailing lists
  • email-based discussion groups

If you don’t want to get your own domain, you may be able to use one of the following managed service domains:

  • jigsawmail.me – basic mail forwarding and single address mail system, using systems bundled with the eXtend Control Panel
  • jigsawmail.biz – used predominantly for announcement type mailing lists, other services may also be available
  • puzzledmail.net – generic address, available against most mail services
  • puzzled.me.uk – generic address, available against most mail services
  • giddyweb.com – provided in partnership with Google, offering single mail addresses accompanied by calendar, document storage and more
  • fibro.me.uk – specialist solution, developed for publuc use in collaboration with some of our clients and powered by Google

All our webhosting accounts are provided with email facilities of their own, but our PuzzledMail solutions are designed for individuals looking to create a unique email identity that’s feature-packed and powerful, yet easy-to-use.  And you thought that was too much to ask…!?!

Spam filtering is provided as standard on all accounts and can be customised.  We can also arrange the following advanced services:

  • mail backup and archival service
  • telephone access to mail accounts, allowing you to listen to emails over the phone
  • remote virus protection
  • email to fax conversion
  • SMS email alerts
  • email to SMS conversion