It’s a bit quirky and may not feel comfortable to everyone (no pun intended) but a lot of the services we have been offering are essentially a Digital Condom.

We don’t want to overstretch the analogy too much, but we all know computers are at risk of being impregnated unexpectedly, of catching viruses or malware that may reproduce and be spread to others…

There are several forms of protection available – anti-virus software, malware protection, data backup, firewalls, and more – and many people still rely on a ‘common sense’ (withdrawal) method of protection and hope for the best.

An announcement for “free condoms” at 4N’s Lakeside Lunch caught everyone’s attention, and we’ve decided to roll with it: repackaging the services we’ve been offering for the past few years, simplifying pricing, and creating additional support resources to help keep you safe with minimal intervention needed.

CryptoPrevent – an application to protect against the CryptoLocker malware virus and similar ‘ransomware’ including the recent WanaCry – has been re-released as a self-install application, and we are currently updating other apps and services.

You can find out more at or go directly to our page about CryptoPrevent.

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