LiveWire screensharing

S6temp_SMPCS6Connect’s LiveWire screen-sharing technology enables us to connect remotely to undertake training, repairs, virus removal, installations, demos and many other services. Installing as a service (optional), allows remote access at any time, and helps track lost or stolen equipment.

There are various ways of connecting using the LiveWire service, powered by ShowMyPC:

  • LiveWireLive provides a live broadcast of our screen to any web-enabled device;
  • LiveWire Viewer is a Java applet or Windows download enabling you to view our screen;
  • LiveWire Connect is a Java applet or PC download, enabling us to view your screen;
  • LiveWire Service+ installs as a Windows service for on-demand access and monitoring;
  • LiveWire Conferencing enhances the service with chat, whiteboard and file sharing;
  • LiveWire Professional, the full service application, combines all the above in one place.
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