LiveWire Connect (Support)

The LiveWire Connect (Support) app enables us to see your computer screen for remote troubleshooting and training.

How to use

  1. Download the application here and double-click the download to open/run;
  2. Allow any security requests related to S6 ConnectLiveWire or ShowMyPC;
  3. Once the app is running you will see a unique access code in the app panel;
  4. Let our Agent know the code so that we can securely access your computer
    – you will be able to see everything that we do, and can ask any questions;
  5. To end the remote connection simply close the app panel or click the stop button
    – we will not be able to reconnect to your device unless you re-run the app.


LiveWire app panel

Other Options

The application is bundled with our other support and security tools for ease of access at any time, as well as being available here via our website.

Within our managedSupport Application you will also see a link for Remote Support in the navigation bar:
managedSupport screen

Whilst we are connected to your computer we can take control of your mouse and keyboard, but you will be able to see everything that we do, and can expect us to explain everything to you as necessary. There is a built-in Chat function available if required. Some people are happy to leave us to do whatever is needed unattended, but we never insist on this. If we are undertaking unattended support then we will usually ask that you allow the “reconnect on reboot” option. Some Clients have the application installed as a service allowing us to access directly without any need to download the application. If this would be if interest to you, please let us know.

Unless you have the Remote Support Application installed as a service, we will not be able to access your computer once the session is closed by either you or us. Remote Support sessions may be recorded by either party if required.

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