SAVE, STORE and SHARE your files with ease thanks to S6 Connect and LiveDrive. and LiveDrive

Through our partnership with an award-winning market leader we can provide secure online backup and file storage solutions to meet all needs, whether you want to the peace of mind that all your family photos are safe if your computer is stolen, the reassurance that your college or university work is instantly recoverable if your hard-drive develops a fault, or to know that the business presentation you spent hours on can be accessed any time from any internet-enabled device, we have you covered.

Want to share some of your files with friends or colleagues, but unsure of the best service to use? Would the simplicity of being able to right click on the file in your backup vault and share it immediately with whoever you choose help?  All this and more is now available with S6 Connect’s Save Store Share service.

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Unlimited online storage

Our Cloud Backup application automatically backs up your photos, documents, music, and videos to  secure UK-based data centres. Available for both Windows and Mac, the software takes less than a minute to set up and starts backing up your files straight away. Backup is like a mirror of your computer files, if you add or edit a file, the same will happen on the Backup. We keep up to 30 previous versions of edited files, making sure if you accidentally save an unwanted edit you can revert the change quickly.

Access any file anywhere

Adding our virtual ‘Briefcase’ drive, enables you to easily and securely access and edit your files from anywhere. You can view and edit your files at work via the secure online portal or by downloading our software to that computer. Alternatively you can download and edit files on-the-go with our iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps.

Plus with Briefcase, you can share files with friends and colleagues.

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