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S6 Connect has been an Authorised Reseller of AVG’s suite of Anti-Virus and Online Security tools for several years, including their managed Anti-Virus and online security product suite “CloudCare”. Now part of Avast, we continue to offer their products and services at competitive prices

Many people will know AVG and Avast for their free anti-virus service, but not many people realise that it is only intended for personal home-based use, or that there are more advanced solutions available. We are able to offer these advanced services at our typically low prices – and of course extend further discount to charities, non-profits, educational establishments, and students.

Services available include:Avast Business

CloudCare is business-grade internet security with no upfront costs, that is installed from a single simple installer file, automatic updates, and an option for remote monitoring and control. It can be used by businesses, charities and at home, with prices from just £1 a month.

Adding Content Filtering to the service enables you to restrict the websites that can be accessed – intended for businesses to manage what their employees do on work computers, but just as valuable for controlling what children can access at home as well.

As a Managed Service, S6 Connect are notified if updates fail or if anything else out of the ordinary is detected. We can optionally connect remotely to any computer with CloudCare installed to fix any problems and can push updates or change settings without direct access.

We can provide a FREE 30-day trial of AVG CloudCare, with or without Content Filtering, after which services are provided on a rolling monthly or annual agreement.

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