S6 Connect undertakes a wide range of laptop and computer repairs in Thurrock, with collection or drop-off available throughout the South Essex area, and remote support available for most services.

Some of the repairs we have recently undertaken for computer-users in Thurrock include:

  • Computer HealthCheck and Tune Up to improve performance
  • replacing a damaged hard-drive and recovering data from it
  • cleaning the dust out a laptop that was regularly overheating
  • replacing a cracked laptop screen with a new one
  • replacing a damaged inverter (screen not lit)
  • removing viruses, malware and other nasties
  • installing Microsoft Office software (at reduced rates)
  • configuring wireless networks and installing printers
  • creating and setting up new email accounts
  • repairing and reinstalling Microsoft Windows
  • installing our CryptoLocker malware protection tool

As with all our services, we aim to keep all prices as reasonable as possible and offer discounted rates to students and existing managed-service customers.

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SMS & WhatsApp

We have a new SMS update service for Repairs. You can message us anytime and receive updates as repair progresses.

01268 833 345

Connect with us on WhatsApp using the same number too!

New Repair Requests

If you have a problem with your PC or laptop, get in touch today!

Existing Repair

Check the status of a repair here or on the Portal:
Work Order ID#:

4-digit authcode*:
(*usually the last 4 digits of your phone number)

Please be aware of the following

Most repairs take 1-3 days, and you can check the status here by entering the Work Order ID and last 4 digits of your main phone number, or by logging into the S6 IT Repair Tracker Portal. The system is updated constantly as we work on any machine, providing real-time status updates and information, as well as an historic reference should any further work be undertaken. Whilst every care is taken to avoid loss of data and files from your computer, mechanical failure of components can happen without warning, and virus infections can cause unpredictable problems. If you have important information on your computer such as family pictures or financial records and wish to minimise your risk of data loss, please enquire about our backup services which can be performed before intensive diagnostic tests or virus scans are performed.

If the repair will cost more than £50, or if Operating System Reload is required, we will contact you before continuing. An Operating System Reload requires that the computer hard drive be formatted and erased before reinstalling the Operating System software. An Operating System reload also requires that you reinstall all printer drivers and additional computer programs you may have installed since the original purchase of the computer. We cannot restore computer programs from backup. They must be re-installed from their original source.

If you decide not to go ahead with the repair service, a diagnostic fee of £25 will apply. Computers that are diagnosed as non-repairable or not cost effective for repair, will be disposed of if not collected within 14 days at our sole discretion. Any computers left over 60 days without prior arrangement will be disposed of. It is the customers’ responsibility to verify that we have the correct contact information on file which also appears printed on this sheet.

We will install our managedSupport Application as part of most repairs undertaken, which will provide you with quick and easy access to our support services in the future as well as quick maintenance tools that you can use yourself to keep your computer in good condition. You can, of course, request that this is not installed, or uninstall it yourself at any time. We can also install Anti-Virus protection, Backup software or remote support access applications if required.

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