VoIP Services

S6 Connect took over management of the JigsawDial service in 2006, though the service has not been rebranded or changed much since then. JigsawDial offers Unified Messaging, Number Translation, and Fax2mail services on a range of non-geographic numbers.  In more simple terms it gives you complete control of your calls and faxes.

Advanced Call Routing options enable you to have calls to your 08~ number routed to any other phone line on certain days/times, or for a message to be left and forwarded as an email.  The same for Faxes.

The service is ideal for support groups and helplines, which is what most of the numbers are being used for, though there are many other options available also.

Recent developments enable us to offer full VOIP (internet phone) telephony services on a range on 08 and 03 numbers, and also to provide business-class broadband at highly competitive rates. The JigsawDial services are now gradually being retired and accounts transitioned to alternative providers.

Going forward, our relationship with four Telcos gives us access to a wide range of services and options for business or personal use. We continue to arrange services specifically to meet the needs of non-profits and home workers and can provide phone numbers with any local area code as well as 08 and 03 numbers.

There continues to be rapid changes in the telecoms market, and it is currently best to contact us directly to discuss your needs so that we can ensure we match you to the best provider.

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