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If you’re here then we probably have an online meeting arranged.
Either that or you’re just stalking me, which is kinda creepy, but each to their own.

Most online meetings and consultations are held using Zoom, or Skype if preferred. Remote Support may use LiveWire or Zoom. Select the relevant option below, or catch me on the LiveChat box below if unsure.

If you don’t have a meeting scheduled but want to chat, use the LiveChat in the lower right of the screen. This should connect to me directly if I’m online, and is not dependent upon certain apps being open.

You can also schedule a meeting with me directly.

How did you want to connect?

Steve Westrop MBCS

Steve Westrop MBCS

Director, S6 Connect Ltd

Connect with Steve directly via Social Media at SteveWestropUK or at

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Zoom is our preferred method for all online meetings.

It works on most platforms, supporting voice, video and screen sharing. Meetings can be recorded and multiple people can join easily.

If Zoom is not available or not practical then we can also meet using the other methods shown.

Got Questions?
No problem! If we’re online now you can chat to us directly using the LiveChat box in the lower right of the screen. Otherwise, please call the office: +44 33 3340 3380.

Zoom Conferencing

Zoom is an online conferencing application that also supports video and screen sharing.

You can connect to my Zoom meeting room at and will be prompted to download a small file to launch the Zoom application if you have not used it before.

If you already have a Zoom account you can connect directly using the Zoom ID: 774 545 9860

We can talk using built-in audio (via your device speaker/mic) or you can dial-in to the meeting on 020 3695 0088 where you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID and the PIN that will be shown on the Zoom screen. Any problems, there is a chat function in Zoom as well as the live chat in the bottom of this screen.

Note that when using Zoom you have the option of using your webcam if you have one, but there is no expectation to do so. Some people prefer to be able to see who they are speaking to, and so we are happy to offer it as an option, but totally understand that you may not be having a camera-ready day. It happens to us all.

LiveWire Live (broadcast)

LiveWire Live Screencast enables you to view our computer screen for training.

If using this service, you will be given a 4-digit code to enter below. You should then see our screen open in a new full-screen tab.

If frame does not load above, click here to open in new tab.

LiveWire Connect (support)

LiveWire Connect enables us to see your computer screen for remote troubleshooting and training, and is bundled with our other support and security tools for ease of access at any time, as well as being available here via our website.

If you have our managedSupport Application you will also see a link for Remote Support in the navigation bar.
Otherwise, you can download the application here, and double-click to open/run the app.

managedSupport screen

You may see some security requests related to S6 Connect or ShowMyPC – you should allow access.

Once running you will see a unique access code in the app panel, as shown in the screenshot below.

LiveWire app panel

We’ll need that code in order to securely access your computer. You will be able to see everything that we do, and can ask any questions.

To end the remote connection simply close the app panel or click the stop button – we will not be able to reconnect to your device unless you re-run the app and provide us with another access code.

Not what you were expecting to find?

This page has been created to help you meet quickly and easily with Steve Westrop, Director of S6 Connect Ltd, a non-profit Company based in Thurrock.

Steve and S6 Connect work with and support several other organisations. You may have ended up here from the dedicated URL – – or while looking for help, support or advice through one of these organisations. Don’t worry though, you – and your details – are safe here!

If you came here via any of the following services, brands or organisations then you are likely in the right place still:

S6 Connect Limited, WORK[etc] Pty Ltd, Utility Warehouse Discount Club, canUsave, Charity IT Association (CITA), 4Networking (4N), Digital Condom, Mushroom Theatre Company Ltd (MTC), Equal People Performing Arts (EPPA), 4Communities, Karatbars, ScanCircle, Avast CloudCare,  managedSupport, dSupport, CryptoPrevent, TextLocal, Local-Business.Support,, keeping IT simple, Nextdoor, Google Local Guides, WP-Connect.

If you are unsure, please use the chat box below.

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