A lot of the Computer Repair and IT Support that we offer can be done remotely, meaning there is no need for you to bring your computer or laptop to us, or for us to travel to you. Remote support technology has enabled us to provide support and training to people not just across the UK, but often in other countries too.

If you have our managedSupport application installed on your computer or laptop then you can launch our remote support application directly from there. You can also download the “SOS” application here.

For training calls, and some remote support sessions, we may use Zoom instead. If you have a call scheduled and are not sure how we are connecting, simply open the chat box below.

There is also an option to have our Remote Support service permanently available on your device so that we can access as and when needed, either as a standalone service or alongside other support and security services.

How do I use the SOS remote support tool?

If you have our managedSupport Application you will see a link for Remote Support in the navigation bar.

managedSupport screen

Otherwise, download and run the application here.

If any security prompts appear, you should allow access. These prompts may refer to either S6 Connect or our software partner, Splashtop.

Once running you will see a unique 9-digit access code in the app panel, (shown as a series of dashes in the screenshot below):

We’ll need that code in order to securely access your computer. You will be able to see everything that we do and can ask any questions.

To end the remote connection simply close the app panel – we will not be able to reconnect to your device unless you re-run the app and provide us with another access code.

How do I connect using Zoom?

Zoom is an online conferencing application that also supports video and screen sharing.

You can connect via Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/7745459860 and will be prompted to download a small file to launch the Zoom application if you have not used it before.

If you already have a Zoom account you can connect directly using the Zoom ID: 774 545 9860

We can talk using built-in audio (via your device speaker/mic) or you can dial-in to the meeting on 020 3695 0088 where you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID and the PIN that will be shown on the Zoom screen. Any problems, there is a chat function in Zoom as well as the live chat in the bottom of this screen.

Is Remote Support Safe?

Some people are rightly anxious about security when allowing others to access their computers.  S6 Connect has invested time and money into this service, and would not do so if it would in any way compromised security!  Each connection generates a unique ID code that enables us to securely access your PC or laptop until such time as you close the software that enables access. You are able to see anything that we do, and we are always happy to discuss whatever we do as we go. At any time you can cancel the connection or close the service, denying any further access.

After downloading and opening the programme you will be given a unique ID code that is necessary for us to access your computer.  You may have alerts from your firewall when attempting to use these services, please allow any connections that the services request, otherwise we will not be able to view your PC.  Rest assured though, there is no danger in running the applications with our guidance, and once the session is complete and the service closed, our access is ended.  Once a connection has been established you will usually notice that your desktop wallpaper is no longer shown.  This will revert to normal at the end of the session.  Suspending the display of a custom background wallpaper speeds up access, but also gives a very noticeable indication that a remote session is in progress.

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