Remote Support

Following further investment in remote desktop and screen-sharing technologies we now offer a range of services under the LiveWire Remote Support System.

LiveWire uses remote desktop, virtual network and screen-sharing technologies to enable us to diagnose problems, install software, remove viruses and improve performance without needing to be there in person.  Using secure communication channels over the internet we can access your computer and perform any non-hardware work required no matter where in the country (or even in which country) you are.  To use the service simply download a small file to run the application, which will enable us to access your computer until you close the application.

LiveWire can be installed as a ‘service’, running in the background and enabling us to access the machine on-demand to undertake any repairs necessary without the need for user intervention.  This is recommended for Managed Support Service users, or anyone regularly using our LiveHelp Support Systems.  It is not necessary to install our remote support app as a service for a one-off connection, and we would not normally recommend doing so.  We have the application installed as a service on all our own machines, and it provides a number of additional benefits over the single use application:

  • remote access to any computer with LiveWire installed as a service
  • remote access to files and remote printing, depending on configuration
  • see where the computer was last used (approximately) – track stolen laptops!

Every device has a unique identifier, associated email address and password.  Without these details, it is not possible to access any machine with LiveWire installed as a service, and users are free to change their passwords at any time, or remove the service should they wish.

How can I use the service?

  • First, contact us to arrange a convenient time for a Remote Support Session.
  • Then download the Support application and run it at the agreed time so we can access your computer.
  • If you are using a Mac or Linux machine, you can use this java applet instead.
  • Allow access via your firewall if asked to do so, then leave us to do whatever is needed!

Is it Safe?

Some people are rightly anxious about security when allowing others to access their computers.  S6 Connect has invested time and money into this service, and would not do so if it would in any way compromised security!  Each connection generates a unique ID code that enables us to securely access your PC or laptop until such time as you close the software that enables access. You are able to see anything that we do, and we are always happy to discuss whatever we do as we go. At any time you can cancel the connection or close the service, denying any further access.

After downloading and opening the programme you will be given a unique ID code that is necessary for us to access your computer.  You may have alerts from your firewall when attempting to use these services, please allow any connections that the services request, otherwise we will not be able to view your PC.  Rest assured though, there is no danger in running the applications with our guidance, and once the session is complete and the service closed, our access is ended.  Once a connection has been established you will usually notice that your desktop wallpaper is no longer shown.  This will revert to normal at the end of the session.  Suspending the display of a custom background wallpaper speeds up access, but also gives a very noticeable indication that a remote session is in progress.


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