Computer & Laptop services

  • Slow Computer
  • Broken laptop screen
  • Computer virus
  • Data backup or recovery
  • Wireless connection issues
  • Printer setup

Just a few of the common issues we’d resolved for customers recently in Stanford-le-Hope and Corringham!

Our PC@home service covers all the day-to-day basics of regular computer usage – installing software, setting up a home network, printer setup, and virus removal are common requests.  Our HealthCheck and PC Optimisation services help to ensure your PC is operating at optimum performance, removing any unnecessary files to free up additional space, and updating software that requires it to ensure best performance.  We can also upgrade machines where necessary, adding extra memory, a new hard-drive, replacement graphics card, or whatever else may be required.

With several years experience specifically supporting churches and charities with staff and volunteers working remotely there are now several systems we can recommend to other organisations wishing to operate a ‘virtual office‘ environment.  Many of the tools recommended in these circumstances may also be suitable for others.

File backup solutions, remote file storage, synchronisation and data recovery services can all help to ensure you don’t lose business when you lose your laptop or your hard-drive fails.

As well as helping to keep your computer(s) running smoothly, and removing malicious programmes and worms when needed, we can  assist with networking setup and troubleshooting, online security, software installation, computer upgrades and repair, and offer advice on hardware, software, configuration, broadband and more.

We are now able to diagnose problems, install software, remove viruses and improve performance without even touching your PC!  Using secure communication channels over the internet we can access your computer and perform any non-hardware work required no matter where in the country (or even in which country) you are, provided you have a working broadband connection. Of course, if you live locally – Thurrock or Basildon areas primarily – then we can come to you.


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