Data Recovery

We’ve been contacted recently by an increasing number of people requiring data to be recovered from

  • Corrupt hard drives (internal and, more often, external)
  • Damaged CDs and DVDs
  • USB Flash Drives, SD cards etc
  • accidental deletion

and the good news is that very often the files or other data can be retrieved relatively quickly and easily using a range of specialist tools.

Generally speaking deleted files can be recovered from most media types until it is written over by another file – so the quicker recovery is done the better.

As far as CDs and Hard Drives are concerned, it is usually possible to recover most files even if the media is not properly recognised, though it is usually necessary to removed the hard drive in order to run our diagnostic and recovery tools.

USB flash drives can be more problematic, as sometimes controller chip can fail, rendering the data inaccessible.  There are other specialist companies who claim to be able to recover data in these circumstances, but we are not able to recommend any of them.  If the chips are still functional, but a software error is preventing access to files, then we can usually recover data in the same way as for other media types.

Recovered data can be provided on a CD/DVD or via online storage.


Password Retrieval

We are also able to retrieve various passwords using specialist tools, but in the interests of privacy and security we will usually require additional proofs of ownership before doing so.  Where we are satisfied that it is appropriate to do so we can retrieve passwords from and unlock

  • BIOS system password
  • Windows/User password
  • Dial-up-Networking password
  • Office document passwords
  • PDF save/print passwords
  • …and others
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