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“Welcome to the future of business networking…”


that was the opening line of the first-ever 4Networking meeting on 16 February 2006. But have you ever stopped to wonder why the 4 in 4Networking? No? You’re not alone… but I can tell you….

  • Friends
  • Opportunity
  • Unity 
  • Results

So now you know, if it ever comes up on a pub quiz, you’re sorted. Thank me later.

There was only one meeting back then – though the numbers at the first 4Networking Breakfast were on a par with the top Breakfast Group in the country today… in case you missed Richard rightly shouting about it everywhere, Witham & Maldon is #1

Today we have the Passport and the opportunity to visit any 4Networking event anywhere in the country. So if you’re off traveling in August, why not do what the most successful 4N members do and check to see if there’s a networking opportunity to be grabbed whilst away. Any one of 250+.

Not so adventurous? We still have you covered, with NINE great events every fortnight just in Essex:


4N Essex Map

Two of our groups have new venues this month, so if you’re planning to visit or revisit, make sure you note the new details:

  • Ongar Lunch has moved to Cucina Italiana in High Ongar
  • Braintree Breakfast moves to Cross Keys in White Notley 


Someone commented at Lakeside Lunch last week (still the only 4N event on a Boat!) how mant friends they had made at 4N. Some of us consider our 4N friends as extended family. It works, and don’t forget that if you invite a friend along to experience 4N, you’ll earn five free membership days. Not sure how to do this? Here’s a video I put together for someone recently.


Opportunity – ‘No one networks in August’?

 Go on, be honest… have you heard or thought that? If that’s true, then how is it we have 28 booked in for Romford Breakfast this week, including 8 visitors? Or how is Billericay Breakfast set to be awarded flagship status? 

I get it – some people network less in August, but others network more. Look for opportunities rather than excuses – and the same in your business. It will serve you well!



Personally, I love the support I get from 4N. Being part of such a large and diverse group of business owners up and down the country is fantastic, as is being part of the local and regional teams. There’s often more than one person from the same industry in the room, yet 90% of the time they come collaboratively rather than competitively. I’ve met other awesome people that provide IT services, build websites, help people acquire gold… but we never compete.

Every meeting up and down the country also follows exactly the same format, so if you do venture off with your 4N passport this summer you’ll see the unity there too, whether it’s a breakfast, lunch or evening meeting. 



Over to you. What results have you got from business networking? What results are you still working towards?

Hop over to our Facebook Group and let us know. I’ve just created a new thread for it. Not a member of the group yet? No problem – just ask to join and answer the three simple questions so we know who you are. It’s part of the friends and unity thing, that’s all.

If you’re cutting down the networking over the summer, passport members can still network online in the 4N Passporters facebook group, and take advantage of the 4N Marketplace. Take a few minutes to update your 4N Profile too – I could write an entire email on how important this is….

If you need help getting the most out of 4N, or want to get along to an upcoming event, then get in touch with me or one of the other Area Leaders – Kelly Bater, Richard Thomas, Mark Sexton – or even Mr Pink if you dare…. we’re here to help you make the most of what 4N has to offer, and to help ensure you find  Friends, Opportunities, Unity and Results from the network.

Hopefully see you on the circuit soon,

Steve Westrop S6 Connect
4N Area Leader, South Essex 

033 3340 3380 | 07550 089918
email: steve@s6connect.com 


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