Earlier in the year, we setup an SMS Shortcode service for a local charity that we have been supporting. They then simply put “Text SUPPORT MTC to 60777 to find out how you can help us” onto their publicity.

It’s currently setup to then respond with a link to a form so that the supporter/donor can provide more information, and forwards their number and info to one of the fundraising team to make contact.

There are several different ways that the service could be setup, but now that we own the “SUPPORT” keyword, we can set something similar up for other charities. We’re looking to trial this with a few more charities before rolling this out wider. If you’d like to join the trial let us know and we can chat about your needs and how it might work for you.

The trial will be free of charge, though if you want to send a text message reply we would need to pass on the charges for this. There is no cost for receiving a message, viewing it online, or forwarding it to an email address: only for forwarding or replying via SMS, at 4p per message (160 characters).

S6 Connect currently owns and operates the following Keywords on 60777: CONNECT, SAVE, SHARE, SUPPORT
Other codes and numbers are available, but we can usually provide secondary keywords on the above free of charge.

Want to know more? Send a message to 60777 starting with CONNECT SMS

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