We’ve made some changes to the branding of our cloud backup application.
This service has been provided through a partnership with LiveDrive for several years, and we had paid for custom branding.
To avoid needing to increase the price, this service is no longer branded as “Save Store Share” and you will be prompted to update the app in the next few days, and see it simply as “LiveDrive“. It’s exactly the same service, with the same security and peace of mind, but you will also now receive an updated app to manage the service, with a fresher interface (this was not rolled out to custom branded accounts).
The first screen you will see when opening the app is the “Control Centre” which will look similar to this:
From here you can change your backup settings, restore deleted files (previously required an additional app) and view files on the web. Your existing settings should transfer across though, so no action is needed.
If you are prompted to update/replace the app, go ahead – it’s safe to do so.
Once that’s done you can leave it to do its own thing and not think about it again!
Of course, if you’re confused or concerned, or want us to run the update and check the settings for you, just let me know.
You can schedule remote support online, or text or WhatsApp on 01268 833 345.
Steve Westrop | Director, S6 Connect

IT/Biz Consultant, Disabled Dad, Voice of Reason, Champion of Change,...

Steve has a professional background in Education and Charity Management, having worked with numerous local and national businesses and non-profits, and a micro-multinational, in roles through to Operations Director.

Founding S6 Connect as a Company limited by guarantee in 2010 after parenthood and disability changed life significantly, Steve is passionate about helping people, businesses and communities to get the most from technology, saving them time & money (or gold).

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