Hands up, who went with some “new year new me“-type resolution at the start of the month either for yourself or your business? Kept it up?

Here’s the thing though, do you really need or mean “new”? To throw away all the years of experience and learning that brought you to where you are today?

Take the best things you have already, and improve them. Strip away the things that don’t serve you, and replace them. Refine and reform; grow and move on; but don’t start again completely from scratch.

If your car needs a new tyre, you don’t buy a new car. Though many of us will know that feeling of it costing so much to get a car through its MOT and service that it’s best to give up and buy another.

But what’s all this got to do with IT?

Many of the same questions and analogies apply.

Is your laptop or website ready to handle everything this year will throw at it? That doesn’t necessarily mean scrap what you have and buy new, but build on what you have so that it helps you achieve all that you need it to.

We’ve already been busy adding e-commerce (a shop) to a couple of websites this month, and text messaging options to a couple of systems. We’ve added WhatsApp for Business to the ways in which we can be contacted and posted stories onto various social channels to help people find us.

An area we’ve been particularly busy in this month so far though is computer repairs and new system setup. 

I already mentioned a car MOT/service: something we’re all aware of and – memory permitting – get done every year. Computers and laptops need this just as much though. It’s quite normal for there to be unneeded files taking up space, unused apps and services loading at startup that slow things down, or maybe even a need for additional memory.

Our managedSupport application already automates a lot of this, and our online health scan tool will highlight areas that need attention if you want the self-service route, we still recommend having a proper HealthCheck or tune-up at least once a year.

Our HealthCheck service can be provided in person or remotely, and we’re offering a crazy low price on this if you’re able to leave your laptop with us for a day or two (we can work on two or three at once, enabling us to charge less).

January 20.19 HealthCheck promotion

So here’s the deal…. Our Laptop/PC HealthCheck is usually £45, but if you’re able to drop it off to us and leave it with us for 48-72 hours, we’ll run the full HealthCheck and tune-up service on the device for just £20.19 – we thought it had a certain ring to it!

Text or WhatsApp us on 01268 833345 and we’ll arrange to book you in.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Some of the tune-up service is now automated, and most of it involves a lot of waiting for processes to finish. We can be doing other things in that time, or work on 2-3 laptops at once.

We’ll perform all the checks, tests and optimisations that we do on a full-price HealthCheck, and provide the same level of reporting afterwards. We’ll invite you to have another HealthCheck in six months time, but there is no obligation.

We do recommend having our managedSupport and CryptoPrevent applications installed as well though. These apps provide enhanced security and give you easy access to some common maintenance tasks, help and advice. We’ll install them both half-price alongside the promotion – £7.50 – if you want us to. Again though, no obligation.

Steve Westrop | Director, S6 Connect

IT/Biz Consultant, Disabled Dad, Voice of Reason, Champion of Change,...

Steve has a professional background in Education and Charity Management, having worked with numerous local and national businesses and non-profits, and a micro-multinational, in roles through to Operations Director.

Founding S6 Connect as a Company limited by guarantee in 2010 after parenthood and disability changed life significantly, Steve is passionate about helping people, businesses and communities to get the most from technology, saving them time & money (or gold).

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