You may notice some new artwork adorning the front page of the website, highlighting some of what we can offer to individuals, businesses, charities and community groups. Most of this was designed in-house, but we cheated on the “word cloud” using the excellent service at to convert a page of the site into a rather attractive jumble of words:



Local residents and businesses will also start to see a new advert appearing locally over the next few weeks. We spend very little on advertising, for the simple reason that we don’t think our customers’ money should be used that way. This advertising banner will be used in a couple of innovative partnerships with local community-orientated projects, with money going directly to helping others in return for running the ad. You’ll notice too that the emphasis of the ad is on saving money, rather than selling services. It’s all part of what makes us different.

2014 banner2

Let us know if (and where) you see the banner ad, and also feel free to contact us if you’d like to run a similar campaign to support your own community or organisation. It’s how we roll.